August to August

The first day of a brand new year for me…

RWA’s Conference ended yesterday.  I am full of motivation, excitement, and… fear.  My husband encouraged me to embrace my dream, an agent decided to take a leap of faith in me, and my critique partner already finished more than several manuscripts.  So I have this next year – this one year – to indulge in my wildest fantasies, to superglue my fingers to the keyboard, to write full-time.  Gone are the snippets and stolen moments of rushed typing, crafting, and editing.  Ahead of me – August to August – mornings to create, afternoons to revise, and evenings to blog random musings about this process.

And when the year is over… well, I am a work in progress, so then I will revise, revise, revise.


About Marisa Cleveland

writer. reader. infinite dreamer.
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