Review: Burning Darkness by Jaime Rush

Wow, I think I swallowed the sun!    

BURNING DARKNESS was sooooo super hot and emotionally engaging on all levels.

The brilliance of the offspring books pertains to how expertly Jaime weaves their “ability” as something they must accept and learn before it becomes their strength. This really gives me a chance to connect and root for her characters!

…and what an amazing read! As a fan of the Offspring series, I couldn’t wait to see how Jaime Rush finds Eric a match for his fiery disposition. Imagine my delight when she pitted him against the one woman keen on killing him – because he killed her lover! From page one through the edge-of-your-seat middle to the nail-biting-don’t-forget-to-breathe end, this book delivers an adrenaline rush! Well worth the lost hours of sleep to stay up and finish it.
Even though I won and read the e-arc in one night, I couldn’t wait to get the paperback signed by Jaime!

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