Waiting for Pigs to Fly

Yesterday my agent called to tell me that an editor loved my book.

An editor (that’s right, one of those beautiful and elusive beings positioned in a golden tower with winged cherubs serving them chilled grapes and delivering manuscripts from hopeful writers – don’t burst my bubble and shatter my illusions of editors) told her she loved my book.

She loved my book!

She couldn’t offer a contract.

But she loved my book!

I always thought catching the eye of an enthusiastic editor would be impossible, but I did it.

Next on my list… a contract.

Until then, I’ll keep waiting for pigs to fly.


About Marisa Cleveland

writer. reader. infinite dreamer.
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3 Responses to Waiting for Pigs to Fly

  1. Nice web site, Marisa. Clean, easy to read. And for my, ahem, mature eyes, I love the light, in this case, white background. This pale background on the comment area is nice too.

    The dancers are a “fun” touch.

    Hum, the editor couldn’t offer you a contract? Bummer. Not to worry, though. There’s an editor out there that will give you that contract you want.

  2. Jamie A. says:

    Love the blog, love the new website, love you~hugs!!!

  3. Aunt Mary says:

    Great job! Great website. Easy to read. Love the whole layout! Love the pic of your dance team. Congrats on all they have accomplished! Keep up the good work. There definitely is a contract floating out there with YOUR name on it. I have it on good authority! 🙂

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