A Day In My Life

So, this is a misleading title… it’s not really a day in my life. It’s a productive day in my life. But it’s also a rant, a vent, and an explanation all rolled into one.

Why do new people I meet measure my worth based on my job? Hello, how are you? I’m fine, and you? Fine. So… what is it you do?

I’m a romance writer.

Oh. Blank stare. Crickets. And then… Are you published?


So, what do you do all day? Write?


I wake up with my hubby, between six and seven, and just like my hubby, I get ready for work. I drink coffee, preferably Starbucks, but sometimes Dunkin’s or Bad Ass, and I always get dressed. I might go for a walk. Maybe there’s a beach involved, but there’s also a laptop, a jump drive, and a hope that today will be the day.

My day is split into four parts. That is part one. The morning.

Part two lasts between noon and two o’clock, when I travel to the local high school and teach ninety ladies split into two classes: guard and dance.  Both classes have some amazing girls, and I love that I get to be part of their lives.

The afternoon is part three, where I critique what I wrote in the morning. If I’m inspired, I add to my word count for the day. Then, I clock-watch, waiting for part four when hubby returns!

…and that’s my day.

I’m not that interesting, but that’s okay. I prefer to save the drama for my characters.



About Marisa Cleveland

writer. reader. infinite dreamer.
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One Response to A Day In My Life

  1. Jamie says:

    You are very interesting my dear:) I want your life! But for now I’ll have to keep my four parts: Morning Mad Rush 6-7:15, Teaching 7:30-4:30, Being a Mom/Wife 4:30-8:30, Writing/Reading/Revising 8:30-11:30

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