Huh. Now what?

Our last dance competition happened this past weekend. Our team took two solos and three ensembles (pom, jazz, and hip hop), and we returned with trophies, medals, and smiles.

But now, besides the recital, our season is over. Which means, I am over. Done. Finished.

This was my final season with the team.

…and in a weird way, even though I still see them daily, I miss them already. Especially my seniors. I’ve spent four years with them, sweating in the sun, aching after long workouts, laughing at inside jokes, and healing hurt feelings. I never asked them to be best friends, just to respect each other for what they’ve been through together, but I have a suspicion that they would have each others’ backs if it came down to it.

Every team I’ve ever coached has taught me something, and I hope I’ve left the better part of me with them.

Showstoppers 2011

So, as I enter the final stage of my time with this team, I can’t help but wonder…

Huh. Now what?


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