Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish make me smile, and I love to smile!

Fat free. Soft and chewy.

Says so right on the box.

But more than the delicious, sweet, tender… hold on!

Ah… just opened a fresh box and sliced open the bag inside. Yummy!

Okay, more than being the perfect “brain” food (fish!), this snack is part of Kraft Foods, and for a big, corporate company, Kraft Foods understands “that actions speak louder than words.” That’s right. Says so right in their 2010 Kraft Foods Fact Sheet, and the fact that they would include such a wise statement also makes  me smile.

So if you haven’t tried Swedish Fish, I recommend them, and if you have a better snack food, let me know. I love snacking and am always trying new bite-sized snacks.


About Marisa Cleveland

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3 Responses to Swedish Fish

  1. Simon says:

    Yes, but what about the food-coloring? I had one and it makes me want to dance.

  2. jamieayres says:

    I want to see Simon dance like there’s fishies in his pants, hahaha! Sounds like a good snack for sneaking into our next movie date:)

  3. Char Chaffin says:

    SWEDISH FISH!!! I could eat them by the bagful. What could be better than soft, chewy, sweet fruity candies?

    If you put them in the microwave for ten seconds, they get even softer, warm and chewier. Fave flavor: ALL of them!

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