Why I Want to be a Romance Writer

A romance novel is the world’s most perfect “how to” book.              

Romance novelists learn:

– how to construct an argument to achieve a productive outcome

(not many writers I know argue for the sake of arguing – there must be a purpose for the argument to move the relationship forward)

– how to forgive

(after that constructive argument, the characters must truly forgive one another to move the relationship forward)

– how to face obstacles

(sometimes the characters must be independent and sometimes they must learn that life’s challenges don’t always need to be faced alone)

– how to repair relationships

(not just between two people but relationships with the world around them – in order to survive in a romance novel, the novelist must develop a deep understanding of how their characters relate to each other and their environment)

– how to develop empathy for everyone

(romance writers battle the entire spectrum of emotions through their characters)

– how to keep working toward that happily ever after

(for the book to truly be called a romance, the HEA must exist – and romance novelists create entire worlds where the HEA is not only possible, it is expected)

Romance novelists know how to make the world a better place…

and that’s why I write romance novels.



  1. […] One of the things that you do as a romance writer is come up with obstacles for your male and female protagonist. The initial Falling in Love, then The Break-Up and Make-up. What I love most about writing romance is the journey of the characters. I love love and relationships and the pursuit of the happily ever after. I consider romance novels the perfect how to books! I’ve blogged about it. […]

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