My New Kindle

My new Kindle makes me feel so powerful! Unlimited books at the touch of button.

Because my wonderful hubby knows how much I love to read, he thought the Kindle would be the perfect present. He was right.

I am now in the process of organizing my paperbacks and hardcovers, updating my Goodreads account, and tackling my tangible To-Be-Read pile.

While I am embracing the ebook, I will continue to enjoy the benefits of bookstores with book signings, knowledgeable staff, and novelty items… because until they invent a waterproof Kindle, I won’t trust myself near the pool, and I’m honest enough to admit that there is something supremely satisfying about reading the last word and closing the physical book.

But yeah… Hubby did better than good with this gift!




About Marisa Cleveland

writer. reader. infinite dreamer.
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One Response to My New Kindle

  1. Jamie says:

    glad you like your new Kindle! I’m busy reading Dessen on mine:)

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