Exposing My Agent

This is my bold and daring expose of agent Nicole Resciniti. Why would I do an expose, you might wonder? Well, one, because she’s awesome and who wouldn’t want to know about her?!? …and two, I am a writer and understand the panic and sweaty palms upon meeting an agent you’d absolutely love to represent you.

Nicole heads the agency office in Southwest Florida, and you can check out more vanilla info about her in the About Us section of the agency’s website found here: www.theseymouragency.com.

When I met Nic four years ago, she immediately wowed me with her sincere nature and genuine smile. She’s one of the most well-read people I know, and it’s no wonder she’s succeeding in her career.

But this post is as its title suggests. An expose. The not so easy to find secret information that will give you that personal connection with the woman with the eagle eye able to find publishable clients.

With nine books sold in less than three months, unpubbed writers can’t help but wonder, who is this agent with the Midas touch? How does she know which queries should lead to partials and on to fulls and the golden call? And how can you strike up a conversation that may end in an offer of representation?

“You have to be my best friend; you know too much.”

Well, now, because of me, you will know just enough to be able to break the ice at a conference or include that personal one-liner in a query.

Secret number one: she knows how to make Sangria to rival all others. That one bit of knowledge drew me to her kitchen counter like the golf course calls to her husband – notice how I snuck two secrets into that last statement.

But… back to the bar, because if you’re at a conference and you’re hoping to approach an agent, we all know the bar is the best place to socialize.

Secret number three (because I already gave two secrets above): If I want to buy Nic a drink, I order an unsweetened iced tea. Why do I order this drink for her? Because I know she likes it, and now you know too.

Secret number four: She has prepared meals fit for the Empress of the Universe. Her culinary skills are beyond comparable, and I know many people addicted to her Chateaubriand. I refuse to make it myself, because it just won’t turn out as delicious as hers. Not sure how you’d use this to break the ice, but it’s pretty impressive and I thought it should be included.

Aaaaaand, that’s all for now, because I value her friendship and wouldn’t want to spill too much all at once. IMHO, even though Nicole drinks an unsweetened iced tea, she is like a vintage champagne: sparkling, genuine, and classy.

Check back for the interview with Nicole, where she can answer your questions in her own words.

So if you have questions, please message them to me or include them in the comments.





  1. I smiled when I read your sangria comment. The heroine in my romance is a bar owner, and when she mixed a batch of “cheater’s sangria” and forgot to add the brandy, Nicole called me out on it. 🙂

    Nic’s a dynamo. I can’t wait to meet her in person…and buy her an iced tea. I like mine unsweetened, too.

      • Cheater’s Sangria = made with frozen fruit and canned juice instead of fresh fruit, and left to “marinate” for a shorter than ideal period of time.

  2. Anyone who makes a killer sangria AND has the culinary chops to excel at Chateaubriand, is someone I want to meet! Lovely expose, Marisa. I look forward to the second part! And looking forward to seeing you both in NYC. It’s just a week away. Eeekk! So much yet to do! Plus that chocolate martini seriously calls to me. ::wink::


  3. Can’t wait for some yummy food and a swig of Sangria! Great article, Marisa. One thing I witnessed in person is Nicole has a heart of gold. If you’re nervous about a pitch, she will not hesitate to walk you through it.

    I’d love to know more about her teaching years. Where did she teach, what ages, what subject (s)? She was made for agenting, so it’s interesting to hear about the rest.


  4. My Q is: Will she rep me? LOL:) 9 books in 3 months, WOW! Way to be a bull dog Nicole!!! I like this segment, Risa–great idea. Did you blog from your treadmill work desk?!?

    • Jamie, why yes, I did post from my treadmill desk! I’m averaging 2 miles an hour for about 2 hours each session.

  5. You had me at sangria! 🙂 I’m thinking we need to have an agency get-together because it sounds like we’re really missing out on the real deal and I’d love to meet Nicole in person! Thanks for some extra little tidbits about her that were all new to me, even the number of sales she’s had recently. That girl is on fire!

    Questions, questions… the science geek in me wants to know more about her biology background. I already know that she can run circles around me when it comes to marine biology, but where did she go to school, what did she specialize in, and what level and how long did she teach??

    • Ooooh… agency get-together sounds fun! Maybe we’ll all meet at a conference. My local chapter has one every year. What better place than Florida in the winter (season for us!)?

  6. Perhaps Nicole was a chef in another life. I’m not a wine affectionado, but she got me so woozie one night, when I got in my car to drive home I had to sit there a minute to remember how to turn on the lights. “She got me…?” Oops, I have to take responsibility for my own idiocy. 🙂 She had fit number 10 when I later told her about it. “You could have spent the night!” said she.

    The woman is gifted in many ways. She loaned me a book, The Holographic Universe. What do I know about nano science? Diddly-squat! But the book was fascinating and one chapter was about shamanism, which is why she recommened it since I write shamans into my Native American historicals.

    Look her up at National. You’ll be glad you did!

  7. See, the problem with this expose, Marisa, is that people are reading it and thinking, yeah, sure, there’s no way Nicole can really be this great. But they’d be wrong, so wrong, because she is all this and more. Anyone who can say she’s her agent is one very lucky author! And anyone invited to her home for dinner is one very lucky diner!

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