Not Tiffany’s Nationals

I have a totally appropriate girl crush on an author I have only seen in passing.

I follow her on Twitter, and I can’t even tell you how I found her…

But her tweets make me smile, and I love to smile.

Last week, we were both at RWA’s National Conference in New York City.

Amazing. Exhausting. Thrilling. Expensive.

I thought I’d blog about staying in the Marriott in Times Square, eating too much, and seeing celebrities.

Then I read Tiffany’s blogs (more than one about her adventures in NYC), and I admit, I’m stunned and more than a little envious of how her conference went down. Mine was completely vanilla. Perfectly delicious and even better than what I expected, but maybe next year I’ll try to add some strawberry to the mix.

Anyone care to join me?



  1. I’m still feeling aftershocks of jealousy. But that’s okay…I’m counting the days until RT! 🙂

    • Macy, I heard RT is awesome! …and some fave author friends of mine host fab parties. Hmmm… maybe I should meet you there… 😀

  2. I’ll be your strawberry at nat’l next year;) At least you got to go *shaking fist in the air and making extreme pouty face

    • Jamie, if you make it to Nationals next year, you have to come up with your own flavor! Hahahaa… I’m ditching the vanilla for strawberry, so you can be – um, lemme think – mint chocolate chip?

  3. You know, vanilla is okay if that what suits you. But if next year you feel like vanilla with a twist, then go for it! And I bet that with a conference of that size, there was all manner of different experiences. You had the right experience for you, and that’s what matters.

    • Jen! I do love vanilla… and with a twist sounds inviting. Would I ever see you there? Or are there special conferences for people “like you” – and by like you I mean those knowing the sex of a skeleton! Loved your blog!!!

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