Google Reader to the Rescue!

Google Reader!

If you follow me on Twitter (, then you already know I’ve unsubscribed to the blogs I follow via email and switched to Google Reader! Looooove it!

This month, for the first time ever, I’ve joined Sharon Bayliss’ BlogFest. Did I mention it’s my first one ever? So super excited to see how it all happens!

I wanted to subscribe to everyone’s blogs, and I wanted a nice, neat place to read all the posts, so… yeah… thanks, Jen J Danna and Sharon Bayliss for suggesting Google Reader to me!



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5 Responses to Google Reader to the Rescue!

  1. You’re very welcome! Google Reader is a life saver for me (and you can read it on your phone), so I couldn’t survive without it.

    • Marisa Cleveland says:

      Oh, I know! My GoogleReader app is amazing! Standing in line no longer bothers me. Hahahahaa.

  2. So glad it’s working well for you! Looking forward to getting to know you more in the blogfest!

  3. So excited you are joining us as we sail the blogging seas! It is guaranteed to be a good time šŸ™‚

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