Buccaneer Blogfest 2

I’m back! I survived my first blogfest post, though I’m still making the rounds commenting on other people’s blogs.

Don’t forget, it’s a blog hop, so please return to Sharon’s blog or Courtney’s blog to see the list (since I’m on WordPress and can’t post the linky-thing here).

Day 2: About my blog… I started this blog as a way to monitor my dream. Here is an excerpt from my first post (August 2010):

RWA’s Conference ended yesterday.  I am full of motivation, excitement, and… fear.  My husband encouraged me to embrace my dream, an agent decided to take a leap of faith in me, and my critique partner already finished more than several manuscripts.  So I have this next year – this one year – to indulge in my wildest fantasies, to superglue my fingers to the keyboard, to write full-time.

Along the way, I decided to use my blog to interview writers, write about books, mention my hobbies, and keep an ongoing online journal of my journey.


About Marisa Cleveland

writer. reader. infinite dreamer.
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7 Responses to Buccaneer Blogfest 2

  1. Shell Flower says:

    Yay for supportive partners. It’s cool to see how your blog has grown.

  2. rxena77 says:

    It is nice to see how your blog has grown. I hope our interview at Meilori’s went as you hoped. Hey, at least you got out of the club alive! Have a great Buccaneering journey, Roland

  3. jamieayres says:

    Love that you’re doing the blogfest:-) Hey, I didn’t realize we both started our blogs upon returning from nationals . . . for some reason I though you’d already had one?

  4. I love reading interviews with writers. 🙂

  5. All veteran bloggers! Give us newbies some guidance and love. Great job with blog! Love it.

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