Buccaneer Blogfest 4

Day 4: First Paragraph

My sophomore science teacher said adolescence followed the similar pattern of a butterfly.  Some teenagers still remained caterpillars, while others already emerged as beautiful, winged creatures. But sometimes, in the early morning fog, in the quiet of the back roads, a butterfly darts in front of a random vehicle and dies. Dead at sixteen.  I was just another statistic.  Until I became a guiding angel.

Suicidal Butterfly: A guiding angel novel

Hmmm… that was easier than I thought when I first noticed the assignment… Just copy and paste and off it goes into the universe. *gulps more wine*

Be sure to check out the other first paragraphs in the blog hop! Sharon’s post will help you find them.


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17 Responses to Buccaneer Blogfest 4

  1. Shell Flower says:

    This is a great first paragraph. The first sentence is lovely on its own and already tells me this is a book about a teenager. It’s great how your first paragraph already clues us in that this is a paranormal angel story. I can’t wait to hear more about your WiP this week!

  2. Tonya Kuper says:

    OMGsh! Sucked in already. Nice job! I wanna read more. : )

  3. jamieayres says:

    I never got to read this one . . . I’m totally sucked in. Beautiful prose & you’ve already set up the whole story in one paragraph. Nicely done:-) You can stop gulping wine now, you did great!

    • Marisa Cleveland says:

      Yes, you did. I have notes from you. It’s the one that almost made it… Never gonna stop gulping my wine. 🙂

      • jamieayres says:

        Really? I don’t remember it all and I think I would. I remember reading your YA’s Broken Butterfly and Inheritance and then your then your South Beach story but that’s it??

  4. AA says:

    16 and already dead? That definitely makes for a great beginning!

    • Marisa Cleveland says:

      Thanks! It’s common in YA now, but that’s because it’s so shocking when it happens in real life. 🙂

  5. Aldrea Alien says:

    That is both beautiful and sad.
    Love it!

  6. Carrie-Anne says:

    I love your opening lines! They have a really literary fiction feel to them.

  7. dianeokey says:

    Posted this to my FB page, Risa. Love it!!

  8. I’m totally already hooked. A very poignant paragraph.

  9. Talynn Lynn says:

    I love the prose here and I think this is a great beginning hook. I’m wondering if it’s not going to be similar to my Guardian Elite series? It’s definitely something I want to read!

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