The Call Blog Hop

TheCallBlogHopI’m joining this blog hop… but with a twist. This is my experience from the other side of “the call.”

My friend, Jamie Ayres, signed a contract with Curiosity Quills. She’s really big into blogging, and after browsing her fave blogs – and knowing my intern days were numbered – I entered a blog hop, interested in meeting other writers.

…and that’s where I met Tonya Kuper. We connected on Twitter, and…

            The rest is history!

Not enough? Okay…

I read Tonya’s blog, found snippets of her Haute Mess, and chatted to Nicole about her. I told Nicole I thought the premise was interesting and worth checking out.

Wait?!? What?!? Nicole already knew Tonya, remembered her query from last spring, and thought she had a fresh voice.

*Sniffle* But I thought I found her, not the other way around. I found her. That’s my story for now and forever.

But wait. There’s more behind-the-scenes action.

After a flurry of intense emails to Mary Sue and Nicole, it was confirmed that I – intern turned agent – could indeed choose my replacement. Many qualified candidates approached me. Having read my blog where I announced my new position, enthusiastic hopefuls threw their credentials into the intern ring.

When the dust settled – and after the thorough background investigation conducted by my super secret investigator came back clear – I knew it was time to prepare for “the call.”

How did I prepare?

I charged my phone and I stretched. Including splits and bridges. I did a couple cartwheels.

It’s always best to get those out of the way ahead of time. That way, during the excitement, there’s minimal risk of spontaneous cartwheels ending in injury.

Thanks for stopping by! As always, wonderful comments are appreciated, and one random commenter will win goodies!

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post about “The Call.”



  1. I LOVE this twist – you telling it from the other side!!! I owe a lot to that Buccaneer Blog Hop, where I met my awesome boss/mentor and super sweet friend! It really is quite amazing how it all worked out.

    You rock, girlfriend! I’ve loved getting to know you last year and look forward to a year of awesome with you in 2013. And I CAN’T WAIT to read your BOOK!!! : )

  2. Such an interesting story. Looking forward to reading the rest of it. Congratulations and I can’t wait to read your book(s)!

  3. Loved getting a glimpse from the other side.

    “I charged my phone and I stretched. Including splits and bridges. I did a couple cartwheels.” Too fun!

  4. HA! I didn’t even know I inadvertently brought to this big jar of awesomesauce named Tonya . . . that’s how I do most of my best things–not meaning to do them:-) Like crash in your hotel room and make you my friend! But be forewarned: the next time I see you, the cheerleader in me is challenging you to a split/cartwheel contest;~)

  5. Great idea to come at this angle from the other side, Ms. SmartyPants! 😉 Wonderful story too. Can’t wait to hear the reaction to your call…

  6. I love this! And I’ve been nothing but impressed by Tonya’s diligence and hard work so far. Good choice, Marisa 🙂

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