After The Call

TheCallBlogHopIt’s Friday! Which means it’s time to give up the goods on after “the call.”

What happened after the call?

I drank this:



I opened my email and created an “intern” folder.

The Juicy Bits…

After I made the call, and after Tonya accepted the Promotions Manager and intern position, I breathed a sigh of relief. I now had someone to help me. Interns are invaluable, and even as I type this, I realize I can’t portray how much I appreciate Tonya’s assistance in navigating this business.

…and here’s why…

Yes, I read every single submission I receive. I realize interns are utilized differently throughout this business, but here’s a snippet of how I currently partner with mine.

If I immediately fall in love with the submission, I request a partial or a full.

If I don’t fall in love with the submission but it is strong or decent, I think about where it would fit on the “shelves.” I forward it to Tonya, and after she reads it, she gives me an analysis of the submission. From there, I’ll either contact the author or ask Tonya to contact the author.

If Tonya contacts the author, it will either result in a pass or a partial request. If it’s a partial request, she reads it first, and then I read it.


I immediately started plotting Tonya’s career with Nicole. Nicole is an amazing senior agent, and honestly, I don’t know how any new agents succeed without a mentor agent or a wonderful Agency founder like Mary Sue.

As soon as Nicole had time, we went to dinner and discussed revisions and new projects. We brainstormed promotional topics for our authors. We compared editors and interns and projects.

Then, Nicole said she would make “the call” and offer representation to Tonya.

And that’s my call story of how I went from intern to agent-with-an-intern.

Thanks for stopping by! As always, wonderful comments are appreciated, and
one random commenter will win ONE of the following: box of books OR 5-page detailed critique

Seems suspicious but that’s why I use For Wednesday’s drawing, chose commenter 7. Congrats, Jamie Ayres! You won a box of books!


  1. LOVE it! I really love how close all of you ladies are. It’s a beautiful thing to watch online, and your interactions reflect SO WELL on your agency as a whole. 🙂

  2. I love reading blog posts like these because it helps visualize the day when I get “The Call.” Well, at least it helps me dream.
    Congratulations to everything you have accomplished:) and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts in the blog hop:)

    • Hi Tonya – chose number 7. That’s you. 🙂 Would you like a box of books or a 5-page critique? Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  3. Wonderful, informative post as always, Risa.
    Did you receive the agency email I sent re: Joyce? Can’t reach Nicole. Sorry to do this here, but call me if you wish,

  4. It’s always so exciting to see people succeeding and moving forward with their careers! It’s so uplifting. I was literally jumping for joy when I got your e-mail offering representation. :o)

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