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Between February 8th and February 15th, so many exciting things are happening, including my husband’s birthday, the release of my debut novella, and Valentine’s Day!

In celebration of these three special events, I’ll be giving away three different book bundles with three books in each bundle!

Winners will be chosen based on the answer to this question:

In your opinion, what is the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever given?

Simply comment your answer, and my super-secret judges will browse the comments and select winners* for one of three Kindle e-book prizes. While it’s awesome if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, and subscribe to my blog, the only thing you need to do is comment with the answer to the above question, and you’ll automatically be entered for the giveaway.

Book Bundle 1: A Night of Southern Comfort by Robin Covington, A Little Bit Cupid by Jennifer Shirk, and The Valentine Challenge by Marisa Cleveland

Book Bundle 2: Crazy Love by Nicola Marsh, Table for One by Ros Clarke, and The Valentine Challenge by Marisa Cleveland

Book Bundle 3: Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye, Secret Santa Baby by Robin Covington, and The Valentine Challenge by Marisa Cleveland

*Giveaway open to U.S. residents, and winners must have a Kindle and provide a valid email address for gift delivery.

Winners will be posted as a reply to the comment. All winners will be notified on or around February 16, 2013.

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42 Responses to Entangled In Love

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  2. Eva says:

    Ever given? I gave my boyfriend a spontaneous trip to San Francisco two valentine’s days ago — and he gave me a trip to Miami! Best!

  3. RUTH GUTSCHER says:

    I think some years ago I gave my then boyfriend a bracelet with our names engraved on it.

  4. Kati R says:

    A fun day trip to one of our favorite little towns in the Texas Hill Country and wine tasting 🙂

  5. susan platt says:

    I give valentines to my husband each year even though the day is traditionally about the man giving to woman. The best was when we were dating I reserved a room in the BEST restaurant in our small city (Restaurant rented romantic rooms above the dining room, they had jacuzzis and all the ambience of romance) and dinner and spelt out on a scrabble board I LOVE YOU (we played and still do scrabble tournaments against each other)! He loved it and I found out me that Valentines night.
    FB susan platt
    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  6. ktlemonhead says:

    *grins* I gave each of my friends a piece of paper that said “Happy Valentine’s Day” and had a tutorial to make a paper airplane on it. Lame Valentine? Check. Public Disturbance? Check. 🙂

  7. Yadira A. says:

    Some fabulous baked goods from me to my family 🙂


  8. Pam B. says:

    I would love to win one of your bundles,but I don’t have a Kindle. I was given a Nook for Christmas a couple of years ago. I will have to find them in Print Form. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. erinf1 says:

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! Oh crap… I’m a horrible gift giver. My BF laughingly and affectionately calls me a “practical” gifter. Cuz I usually buy him what he needs. In my defense, he always runs out and immediately gets what he wants! This year, I’m helping him repair and buy parts for his motorcycle. He’s happy so I guess it’s the thought right! 🙂

  10. Natasha says:

    My mom a necklace. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  11. Nicki B says:

    Our 3rd daughter (at least that’s when she was conceived lol)

  12. OMG I am laughing at Nicki’s comment above because my daughter was conceived on V-day 5 years ago. Lol!! The best present I have given would probably be cooking a really nice romantic dinner. I am not a great cook so that was a very impressive thing for me at the time. It took me hours!!
    booklovingme AT gmail DOT com

  13. Froggy says:

    best gift…his first born son! was born on Feb 6th! LOL He was suppose to be a valentines baby but guess I got too excited and couldn’t wait! 😉

  14. My mom’s birthday is on V-Day, so every year I have to give her something good. She’s an awesome, mom! This year I’m going to buy her tickets to Sea World for her and my dad, she’s been dying to go.

  15. Meghan Stith says:

    I usually don’t give V-Day gifts. I’ve never had a man on the holiday. Boring, I know.

    mestith at gmail dot com

    • Marisa Cleveland says:

      That’s not boring! I hope you spend the day enjoying yourself – no man necessary! Thanks for commenting on my blog. 😀

  16. Debbie says:

    I think the best Valentine’s Day gift I ever gave to my husband was the one I also received, the exact same Valentine’s Day card. Either great minds think alike or we have been together far too long!

  17. bn100 says:

    baked a cake for family

  18. shadowluvs2read says:

    I dont do valentines. I like the little things. Just relaxing, quiet dinner in, alone time.. 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway and the hop!

    • Marisa Cleveland says:

      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love quiet dinners alone with my hubby. 😀 Great way to spend any evening!

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