Because of Blake Shelton

Photo of the Blake Shelton calendar by my computer

“Most people listen with their eyes.” ~Blake Shelton

Season 1. I’m reading a book. The television is spouting something. And then I hear a voice. But not just any voice. The Voice. Blake Shelton’s voice. And I put down the book, and I watch the show. And I know something remarkable just happened.
Because it’s not every day that I stop reading to watch television. In fact, it’s not any day that that happens. Except it happened that day.

Because of Blake Shelton.

But how could an ordinary girl attract an extraordinary guy?

A girl developed in my mind. Lacey Durant. She was strong, but she had an unlucky streak with men. Instead of focusing on dating, she decided to focus on her career. She wanted to own a coffeehouse that offered local entertainment, a place where she could combine her loves of coffee and music. She would hire an entertainer for her grand opening, and she would be that girl he always needed in his life.

“Nashville is a very close-knit circle of people.” ~Blake Shelton

So this extraordinary guy would have to want to be part of an ordinary existence. I wanted to write about a Country guy who’d been close to the top – not quite as famous as Blake – and then he does something to get kicked out of the limelight. That’s how I found Billy Hardy, my washed up Country singer just waiting to make a comeback. And beyond the physical attraction, he finds an honest friendship with Lacey, and that’s something he never expected.

“I really hope you pick me.” ~Blake Shelton

Who wouldn’t pick Blake Shelton? His entire persona on The Voice planted the seed for the plot of my novel, Reforming the Cowboy. I downloaded pictures of him, read articles, watched interviews, and wrote my first book.

All because of Blake.

What about you? Who do you make time to watch on television?



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