Coastal Romance Christmas Blog Hop

A Coastal Christmas!CRBH2

Thanks to Annie Seaton and her super organizational skills to connect a bunch of authors together for this fun blog hop!

As soon as I saw the Coastal Romance group on Facebook, I joined. My reforming series with Entangled Publishing takes place in South Beach, and there’s just something magical about Christmas in southern Florida.

For many years, I had Christmas with snow and cold, mittens and earmuffs. But then I moved south, and though tree lighting ceremonies and downtown shopping stayed the same, decorated homes and holiday music stayed the same, my appreciation for this time of year changed.

I’m now excited to take time and browse the shops. I love walking by the beach and looking at the sand sculptures. The best part about sandmen? They don’t melt like snowmen! This time of year is always the time when I like to slow down, appreciate what I have, and figure out how I’ll make next year even better.

I never did that up north. Because of the cold, I always rushed from one place to another. I remember dashing to get somewhere or to stay warm. Malls were crowded and clothing was bulky.

“They” say there’s a place for everyone, and I agree.


So what about you? Do you prefer cold or warm for Christmas? Do you spend Christmas at home or traveling? What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?

I love sharing my books with the world! If you’d like a Kindle copy of one of my books, please comment below for a chance to win.


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Thanks for stopping by!

Merry Christmas!



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16 Responses to Coastal Romance Christmas Blog Hop

  1. I have to thank Fresh Fiction for the intro to you and your books. I love to find a new writer to read. I am looking forward to reading you books. I also have joined your bolg and other site by email. Looking forward to the new year with me starting your first book as soon as I can download it on kindle. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!

  2. bn100 says:

    like the decorations

  3. marcyshuler says:

    I’ve never had a warm Christmas as I’m in Michigan. LOL We always stay home for the holidays, but anyone is welcome to come here.

  4. Shari says:

    It is snowing in Kansas right now, we might have a white Christmas. I much prefer warm vs cold weather though.

  5. Chanpreet says:

    Usually Christmas in Atlanta is cold. Last year it was a warm 70 degrees for Christmas. I will admit to hoping this year would be warm as well, but so far it’s been cold interspersed with some warm days.

  6. elizabethellencarter says:

    Being from Australia I haven’t known anything but a warm Christmas. At our office Christmas party barbecue on Friday, one of the ladies I work with said her son was looking forward to Christmas because he was utterly convinced that it snowed on Christmas Day, the poor thing was so disappointed to learn that there is zero chance of snow in Queensland in summer in December. 🙂

  7. Although I do NOT like cold, and as I get older, I like it less and less, I still except Christmas to be on the colder side of the thermometer. If it could be in the 70s F, that would be nice — I don’t want it to be 90 or better though because it just wouldn’t seem the right season. I’d rather Christmas not be in the 20s F, and maybe not even 30s F.
    In years past, we have traveled — in far past, to parents/grandparents. In more recent past, following Christmas Eve service, hubby & I would be packed and travel a little better than an hour to go to our daughter’s home. But the last couple years, and this year, we are not going to travel to them, nor are they going to get to come here.
    Not sure I have a favorite part of the season now-a-days. The Christmas Eve service is always meaningful. And when the family can get together (even in Jan), then that’s a special time.

    • Marisa Cleveland says:

      I’ll admit sometimes watching a movie, I’ll miss the seasons of my youth, but my bones thank me for the warm weather. 😀

  8. Sherry Gloag says:

    It’s blowing a gale and raining sideways right now, so a warm Christmas sounds good right now. 🙂

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