During childhood, I was told to color inside the lines. In my twenties, I was asked to think outside the box. Now, I realize there is no box.

Marisa Cleveland

I want to write something that makes someone forget whatever they should be doing because they’re reading what I wrote.

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I told him I wanted to watch sunsets all over the world with him, and he said, “Perfect. Let’s go.”

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In between adventures, I’m documenting my academic discoveries at AlwaysAngling.org.

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m4 = make money to make memories

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Marisa writes about steamy, fun adventures and living a curious life.

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Marisa’s missions are to enjoy the journey one sunset at a time while documenting the destinations, to write books that make readers smile, to research topics of interest, and to support the efforts toward the betterment of the human condition.

In between adventures, Marisa is a social entrepreneur documenting her scholarly pursuits at AlwaysAngling.org.