Hi! Welcome to my website! I’m super excited you stopped by, and I hope you enjoy what you find.

I’m a writer and off-key songwriter enjoying the journey one sunset at a time.

I love writing about that moment when two people realize they are friends, and then they know it’s something more than anything else they’ve ever experienced with another partner. It’s more than attraction or lust. It’s that moment when they need someone most – that shoulder to lean on or cry on or bounce an idea off of – and that other person is there for them in the most complete way possible. Yeah. That moment.


Risa’s Ramblings #1: Books make the best gifts!!! …and the world needs more people reading romance novels. The kind where the couples meet and make each other better people. The kind where they go on adventures and help support each other’s dreams. The kind where they work through their issues toward their happily ever after.

The Last Text song demo
Before it’s too late…

Midnight Crush song demo
That moment when you’re wondering if you just fell in love…