Word of Mouth

It’s true when people say word of mouth is the best marketing tool. I can’t remember when I joined Facebook, but I know I didn’t put my birthday to show in my profile. Then, one day one person wrote one comment on my wall… and soon my wall was full of well wishers. So if you don’t believe word of mouth works, try to hide your birthday on Facebook. Hahaaa.

Okay, that wasn’t really my point, but it’s an example of what I mean.

Word of mouth is a powerful ally or an evil enemy for authors. Reviews really do help sales. Positive reviews help validate that those thousands of hours a writer spends ignoring reality is really worth it. A careless negative remark can tank a writer for days, weeks, months… I get the grow up, grow thick skin, grow a pair… but as someone with the absolute need to create, it’s difficult to feel indifferent or to forget the bad and focus only on the good.

Still not really my point.0209131724

But maybe I didn’t have one other than pointing out how powerful it is to be able to communicate.

How word of mouth is the greatest form of marketing.

So let’s take some words from your mouth…

What were the last three books you read that you loved?

*and in the spirit of word of mouth, I am going to post a review on Amazon and goodreads and my other blog: http://pensandpeonies.blogspot.com in order to help out another writer who mixed two out of three of my great loves in life: romance and cupcakes.



  1. Three recent books that I loved…

    Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy (HUGE reward for those of us dying for progression of the romance!)

    Gravity by Melissa West (intense and emotional, a standout in dystopian YA fiction)

    Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter (smart characters who excel at what they do)

  2. I love doing this. It’s one of my favorite things about social networking. Sharing the books I love. My three are THESE IS MY WORDS by Nancy Turner(it was a reread but I think it counts), THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER by Stephen Chbosky, and OUT OF THE EASY by Ruta Sepetys.

  3. The Red Umbrella by: Christina Gonzalez, The Downside of Being Charliemby: Jenny Torres Sanchez, and The Truth About Forever by: Sarah Dessen. These were also the last three books I read though, I love all books! ❤

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