Being a Friend

To This Guy I Know:IMG_5649

Thank you for being a guy I know and for being pretty amazing. Everyone should have a friend like you. I know one of your friends. He’s super lucky to have you his life. I hope he appreciates the friendship.

Part of my owning my life this year – one day I’ll tell you a story, if you ever want to know – is to build someone else up rather than get upset when someone else tears me down. You might not know this, but watching the two of you has given me hope that there are good people in the world, people who look out for each other.

…and it’s not just words with you. I was a girl who loved words, until they betrayed me. That’s when I started reading people’s actions and ignoring what they said, because what they did unveiled their true nature. But you – you said you’d do something, and you did it, and I thank you for doing what you said you’d do for your friend.

IMG_5679Guy friendships are so simple. You relate to each other on a relaxed, casual, and easy-flowing level.

…and now you’re part of my plan to take this year to build someone up. Whether he wins or not, he’s already won for having you on his side. With you he has two qualities that mean the most to me: safety and loyalty.

“Sometimes you meet a person and you just click – you’re comfortable with them, like you’ve known them your whole life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything.”

Thank you for being a guy I know.


*So who’s your friend you’re going to build up this year?




  1. I have a truly wonderful friend who has been there for me when I was at my lowest. This year, she’s in the middle of a divorce. Her entire world is shifting on its axis, and I hope I can provide even half the support for her that she offered me when I needed it most.

  2. So true…far more important and meaningful to lift someone (other than ourselves :-)) up rather than tear someone down–or worry about anyone’s negativity toward us. Lifting up all my writing friends, my readers–and last but not least, our son, who’s working to get his new airbrushing business up and running in TN. Yes! to positivity 🙂 Here’s to dreams and dreamers…

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