“What does diversity mean to you?”

This question has bothered me since the beginning of the year when Hernan Fratto asked me this during an interview. I didn’t have an answer then, and I’m not sure I have a complete one now, but my hubby recently snapped a pic of me and said, “It doesn’t get any more inclusive than that.”

…and that’s when I realized that diversity should mean the inclusion of everyone without fear from ridicule… and I’ve known this answer all along. It was posted in my classroom when I taught high school students, and it’s been my pain point whenever I go somewhere unfamiliar.

Here’s the pic of a middle-aged Asian woman wearing a Girl Crush hat supporting country music group Little Big Town while drinking an American beer with her Eastern European Ph.D. husband in a Mexican restaurant located on an island in Florida.

Marisa Cleveland diversity

My hubby’s right. It doesn’t get any more inclusive than that.

As always, thanks for finding me. Thanks for stopping by.

I’d love to hear what diversity means to you!

xox ~Risa


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