The Beginning of an Ideology

This past year — the entire decade — has been one where my systemic beliefs have been challenged, and I’ve grown in ways I never imagined. I’ve listened and learned more as an adult learner than I ever did as a child, and I’ve witnessed how education is a fantastic equalizer for everything, and yes, I do mean everything. 

YOU can fix stupid, and even though I don’t quite yet have the empirical evidence to support this statement, I have taken steps to work through the premise which will lead to further informed decisions in the coming decades.

We should have diverse books, but we also need teachers willing and aware of how to initiate new conversations. We need the ones with the money to purchase and distribute these diverse books.

Here’s my message to you, dear reader who found me and followed this post this far:

When you reach the point in your life where you’re living your dream, I hope you remember to appreciate the path you traveled to get there. Then, if you’re able, help someone else on their path.

Marisa Cleveland

Our world has reached epic levels of interconnectedness through digital landscapes, but what if you’re unable to connect? Constraints like time, money, self-esteem…can prohibit genuine voices from seeking the spotlight.

I’m researching solutions for the whole picture, from the authentic author through to distribution into the classrooms and into the homes without any books. It started somewhere, with those before me, so at least I have a starting line as I enter this endless maze.

In the efforts to support my belief that we need more diverse books, I write too slowly and perhaps without enough impact. But as an educator, I’m able to reach and hopefully guide many emerging authors with authentic voices and stories that represent them as the center of their lives. 

I believe in education for all but not the same education for everyone. Anyone who has ever worked with anyone on anything might recall how we all learn differently and how we all show someone how to do something differently. My instinctual way of showing you how to tie your shoelaces might not be the best way for you to learn how to tie your shoelaces. As the teacher in this situation, do I know other ways to show you that might make it easier for you to learn? 

My new venture, Your Writing Cheerleader, is launching right now, and I’ve landed an amazing team to help promote the mission and vision of the organization.

Your Writing Cheerleader is dedicated to empowering emerging writers, because everyone has a story to tell.

But what is Your Writing Cheerleader exactly?

Your Writing Cheerleader is the educational solution for emerging writers seeking knowledge about the publishing industry. 

Content created and shared will include how to write, brand, and connect.

I’m always looking for ways to spotlight all the good existing in this world, and through books, creators are able to turn events into memories and prove the power of words.

So I’m ending this decade with a farewell to an old ideology and a solution for emerging writers interested in improving their craft. 

If you’ve ever said, “I’ve always wanted to write a book,” I’m saying, “Awesome! Let’s do this.”

Thanks for being here. Thanks for finding me.

xox ~Marisa

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