All By Myself by Stephanie Shaw

New Book Alert!

Dear Readers!

I’m so very excited to share the news! Stephanie Shaw‘s newest picture book, ALL BY MYSELF, released yesterday and is available for purchase at all major retailers! This one is the first picture book I sold as a literary agent all by myself!!!

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this darling picture book celebrating independence!

Hen insists on doing everything alone. When Fox comes calling, Hen’s friends start to worry . . . but should they?

Hen isn’t a little chick anymore. She’s spread her wings and can get a job done just the way she likes it! She can grow wheat herself, she can wheelbarrow it home by herself, and she can turn it into delicious bread all by herself. No need to bother offering Hen a helping hand of any sort, thank you. She’s got it covered!

But then comes Fox…and Fox loves to eat all kinds of tasty things. So when Pig, Horse, and Cow discover that Fox has paid Hen a visit, should they step in and offer assistance that Hen hasn’t asked for?

This delectable social-emotional learning tale celebrates the strong-willed and independent, putting a quirky spin on the classic stories Henny Penny and The Little Red Hen.

Visit the book page at Peachtree and have a look inside.

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About Stephanie Shaw

After a successful career teaching children with severe behavioral challenges, school counseling and school administration, Stephanie now loves creating stories that range from quiet to quirky, poetry to prose. When she isn’t assisting door-to-door vacuum cleaner vampire salesmen, taking cows on shopping trips for muumuus, or helping garden slugs with their calligraphy, she can be found at home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Several of Stephanie’s books are in multiple printings. Some are delighting children not only in the US and UK, but also The Netherlands, Brazil and Turkey. A three-time award winner for her contributions to Highlights for Kids, her books are consistently well-received by School Library Journal and Kirkus reviews. She has garnered recognition from  Keystone to Reading, Mighty Girl Best Books, Indiana Young Hoosier Awards, Listotic and EUREKA Excellence in Nonfiction. 

Connect with Stephanie

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