We Wrote a Book

My mom and I wrote a book! It’s a middle grade fantasy novel, and it’s for all readers ages 10 and up.

I’m so super excited about this project, because it’s something we did together. This book was something we worked on during the weeks when my mom would visit me in Florida (she lives in New Hampshire), and the real reason for why we wrote a book together will die with me, BUT here’s a fun reason for when people ask me why I decided to write a book with my mom… I wanted her to share the publishing experience with me.

She’s always been so supportive of my literary dreams. She buys and reads all my books – even the adult contemporary romance novels with sexy times!

But I wanted to write something for her – a middle grade book with Christian themes – and it turned out I needed help. Her help.

She’s spent over twenty years in Catholic elementary schools, and she willingly agreed to co-write a novel with me, maybe without realizing the dedication and effort it would take to actually produce a polished novel.

We made this book our project from start to finish. We laughed, we argued, and we edited and revised and revised some more. We researched words and images and rules and mythology. Then, we hit publish.

“My mom loved me when no one else wanted me. She was my first role model, and she showed me how to be kind, how to be strong, and how to be fair. But the best trick she taught me was how to type. Thank you, Mom, for taking the time.” – Marisa’s 2015 FACE Awards Speech

INHERITANCE* is available on Amazon!!!

Click here to buy the Kindle version!

Click here to buy the Print version!

*If you are a reviewer, and you are interested in receiving a gifted copy of Inheritance in exchange for an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads, please email me at marisa@marisacleveland.com.


Check out the book @marisacleveland and her mom co-wrote! http://wp.me/p1tKBT-sf #Inheritance #middlegrade

As always,  thanks for stopping by!

xox ~Marisa


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  1. Sniff Sniff …. Your Mom must be so happy w/ you Marisa! Sweet!

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