I love reading people’s year-end words, assessments, and achievements… Summations of years really show how many wonderful and creative ways people can enjoy their time on earth. Last year, we entered 2018 with hope and adventure as our guiding words.

For 2019, my hubby (I love calling him my hubby) and I spent some time thinking about what word or phrase or theme would fit with us, now, in our twenty-fifth year together, and we chose…


May we always have enough

Enough time together.

Enough battery life to make all the photos we want.

Enough space to cuddle.

Our five-minute memory video of a year in our life spotlights our 2018 adventures. After deleting and cutting and editing, we did manage to fit bits of our happenings into five minutes.

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bliMtBuT7Pk.

Do you have a word, phrase, or theme for 2019? How did you choose it? Why? Have you used it before or is it new to you?

xox ~Marisa


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