Excuses, Excuses, and Reasons

Time is so relative, and yet it’s also concrete.  When did summer switch to fall and disappear into winter, changing not only the seasons but also the year?  I wasn’t looking, that’s for sure!  In one moment I had my bag packed for RWA Nationals, and then I blinked… Happy New Year, what’s your resolution?

Excuses, excuses, but really all my excuses are justified reasons (in my mind) why I lost touch, barely emailed, and maybe, just maybe, forgot a birthday or two or five, and ended up sending belated cards.

September, October, first part of November: marching band, football games, and… oh, yeah, marching band competitions.  Every Friday and Saturday.  As the dance instructor who works with the dancers who are part of the band, football season consumes my time.

Dear hubby then whisked me away on a two week cruise!

By the time we returned… well… *big grin*

Hectic Christmas shopping, overnight postage for mailing gifts, and then Happy New Year!

I am definitely enjoying the journey…


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