This is Not a Rant

Hey, World! This is not a rant. It’s more like a convoluted explanation. Well, it’s not even that twisted. Just words. Not that anyone ever owes anyone else an explanation for anything, but when you care, you take the time to explain. And I care. About the twenty or so people who took the time... Continue Reading →


The Time Will Pass Anyway

Colin Wright is quoted as saying, “You have one life to do everything you’re ever going to do. Act accordingly,” and I thought, How will I ever do all I want to do in this one short and unpredictable existence on earth? I panicked. Everything I’m ever going to do on earth must happen now.... Continue Reading →

Finding My Voice

“We must become job creators, not job seekers.” ~ Marisa Cleveland After attending my first academic conference, where I had my first academic paper published (thanks to my super, amazing, supportive co-author husband), I’m finding my voice. This first paper, Toward Understanding the Impact of Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills on Community Engagement, sets the stage for... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk about the importance of the stereotypical cheerleader. I know the sport of cheerleading has many meanings. I was that girl in high school on the competitive team where each athlete had to have the skills of a gymnast balanced by the stamina of a marathon runner and the strength of a weight lifter.... Continue Reading →


I've been waiting for this age for over four decades! I never knew when it would come, or if I'd even appreciate it when it did, but it's finally here, and I'm excited to say I'm smart enough to take advantage of it. I've finally reached the age where my own opinions and my own... Continue Reading →


Is there a cure for low self-esteem? More carrots? A smoothie? Sunlight? Chocolate cake? For too many years, I pursued a career designed to make me feel worth... less. Not worthless, but worth less than others in the same job title doing similar job functions. But I continued down that same path year after year,... Continue Reading →

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